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[Tutorial] - How To Transfer Saved Games from Xbox => 360



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[Tutorial] - How To Transfer Saved Games from Xbox => 360

First you have to choose what saved game you want to transfer. Saved games can come from:
a) Our XBox Saved Games
b) Action Replay Hardware
c) Your Mod'd xbox with FTP access

Connect the 360 HardDrive
There are many options of how to do this some of which are:
1) XSATA - Hardware that connects between 360 and HD. This has a USB Port so that you can plug it into a computer
2) XPORT - Docking Stand for the 360 HD.
3) USB->SATA adapter... will need to remove HD. Thus voids warranty. So NOT recommened.

To put the saved game on the 360:
1) Start up xplorer360
2) Click on the drive menu->open
3) Choose HD or Memcard appropriately
4) Expand Partition 3
5) Expand Compatibility
6) Expand Xbox 1
7) Copy the save folder from within the TDATA and UDATA of your saved game to the TDATA and UDATA folders shown in xplorer 360.



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i don't understand like can u explian it to me???

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