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"First, use WiiScrubber to open up the Wii Backup Disc, and extract IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad
This file can be found by clicking the + sign next to "Partition:1 – UPDATE", and then the + sign again next to _sys
Right click on this filename, and click on "Save as" and save it to a WADS directory on your SD card.

After that, use Wad Manager v1.3 to install this wad – it is NOT trucha signed, but it IS ('semi') legal, so it WILL install without a prior cIOS.
To clear this up, having the wad is not legal, as it is copyrighted code from nintendo, but it is signed by nintendo, so it installs without an issue.

Finally, use Wad Manager that was recoded by Davi92 to work off of IOS16 to install the cIOS_fix (hopefully that is the filename in the included zip – djtaz correct me if I'm wrong), and you are on your way again!

From here you can choose to run Waninkoko's downgrader.

NOTE: if you are trying to run Any Title Deleter to delete IOS51, you must first obtain copies of at least IOS30 and IOS36 from a Wii game (such as Wii Music or the new Guitar Hero) using the same method with WiiScrubber. From here you can install WiiGator's Backup Loader 0.3 with the corresponding cIOS released with it (v6).

More information regarding removing the October 23d update can be found here:
Remove October 23 Update – WiiBrew

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I have uploaded all the necassary tools to use this tutorial. Click the link below.





As always please let us know how this works for you either by commenting in this post or by visiting our forums. Thanks.

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